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Welcome to the premier Connecticut recording studio, production sound design facility, and our all new studio experience program.

We pride ourselves on being much more than just a recording studio. Whether it's flawless product, creative production, or guidance in the music industry, our goal is to establish long term relationships with our clients, and help them reach their immediate and long term goals.

We handle just about everything for our clients, including CD duplication, merchandise printing, copyrighting, and even assist in contacting labels, or help shopping songs for placement.

Knowing how to achieve success in the music industry through setting goals, putting a solid package together, and having a full understanding of how the music industry works is just as important as recording and producing high quality music.

Our custom built recording studio has been custom designed to the highest sound standards. Our staff is comprised of producers with successful track records and diverse backgrounds.

-Additional Features:

  • In-house producers, engineers, sound design experts, and musicians
  • Private vocal coaching classes
  • Original instrumentals and music production
  • Mixing and mastering services available
  • Music production training
  • Voice acting classes
  • Singer/songwriter artist development

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Are you interested in the music industry?

The Onyx Soundlab is the perfect first step to making your dream come true. Available learning programs include:

I.) Audio Engineer Development

II.) Music Producer Development

III.) Singer/Songwriter Development

IV.) Voice Acting & Session Singer

*Also Now Offering:

The Onyx Soundlab is the first recording studio in Connecticut to allow you to experience behind the scenes of a professional recording studio.

Join record producers, singers, actors, and engineers in the studio and experience by doing!

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Programs spots are limited. Download application below to get started.


Onyx Soundlab is located in Manchester, CT between New York City and Boston, just 5 minutes outside Hartford, Connecticut and only 15 minutes from Bradley International Airport.

Call 860-436-4581 to get started.




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